Berlin trip: Nobody will get away with looting govt money – Buhari

….Nigerians support our fight against corruption
President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his government will encourage more Nigerians to pay tax.
The president also reiterated his resolve to ensure nobody loots the country’s funds and get away with it.
Buhari gave the assurances while speaking in Berlin during an interactive session with representatives of the Nigerian Community in Germany.
He said, “If you work hard and get your money, we will try and see how much tax you can pay us, but to take money from government and get away with it, no more!”
Buhari also assured hard-working Nigerians that his administration will reciprocate the gesture by strengthening critical institutions needed for sustainable development and prosperity.
“We are working hard to empower our institutions especially our educational institutions. If you educate a person that is the best you can do for him but if not you make him susceptible to religious, ethnic, negative thinking and action.
“Nigerians are virtually supporting us in our fight against corruption, security and the economy,” he said