Stay out of politics, Buhari tells Aisha

Aisha Alhassan
Aisha Alhassan

President Muhammadu Buhari has advised his wife, Aisha, to stay out of politics.

According to him, her role is to look after him.

Buhari said this in an interview he granted Deutsche-Welle’s Phil Gayle shortly before departing  Berlin, Germany on Saturday.

Gayle had asked the President to clarify his earlier comment while reacting to an interview his wife granted the Hausa Service of the BBC in which she alleged that her husband’s government had been hijacked.

“Recently your wife criticised your choices for top jobs, and you responded by saying ‘I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room.’ What did you mean by that, sir?” the reporter asked.

To which Buhari replied: “I am sure you have a house. … You know where your kitchen is, you know where your living room is, and I believe your wife looks after all of that, even if she is working.”

“That is your wife’s function? The reporter asked.

“Yes, to look after me,” Buhari responded.

Asked if Aisha should stay out of politics, the President said “I think so.”

Buhari had on Friday dismissed criticism voiced by Aisha in the BBC interview, saying she belonged in the kitchen and he had “superior knowledge” about running a government.