Pakistani musician, 47 others dead in PIA crash

Pakistani International Airline flight PK-661 has been found where it crashed in Havelian, Pakistan not long after a distress call was made to the control tower.
Sadly all on board are feared dead, including Junaid Jamshed- a popular Pakistani singer-turned-evangelist, his wife and Deputy Commissioner Chitral Osama Warraich.
Daniyal Gilani, the spokesperson for the Pakistani International Airline, said that there were 42 passengers, 5 crew members and one ground engineer on the flight.
Taj Muhammed Khan, a government official, told Reuters that all the bodies recovered were burnt beyond recognition.

So far 21 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage and an eyewitness described them as “not intact”, stating that it was impossible to tell the women apart from the men. 
“They are just arms and legs,” Jumma Khan, the eyewitness said. 
The cause of the crash points towards engine failure. 
Television reports blame the crash on a technical fault in the left engine, however, the airline is yet to verify these claims.