Lagos, Ogun generate N178.74bn IGR in six months- NBS


By Adebisi Ademola

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said Lagos State and Ogun State generated N178.74 billion Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) within January to June 2016.

According to NBS report, Lagos State recorded the highest IGR figure of N150.59billion in Half Year 2016, closely followed by Ogun State with N28.15billion while Nasarrawa State generated the lowest revenue for the period under reference at N1.05billion.

The 36 states have generated a total N784 billion in  2016, nearly 60 per cent above N490.4 billion recorded in 2011.

The South West IGR report by NBS disclosed that “IGR for Lagos State increased from N201.76billion in 2011 to N301.19billion in 2016. PAYE Generated N97.33billion Revenue for the State in Half Year 2016. The highest revenue among other sources included road taxes, direct assessment, MDAs Revenue.

“PAYE in Ogun State generated N97.33 million Revenue in Half Year of 2016.

“IGR for Ekiti State increased from N2.49 billion in 2011 to N3.46 billion in 2014. It stands at N2.39billion in 2016. PAYE generated N526.74million revenue for the State in Half Year 2016.

“IGR generated in Ondo State moved from N8 billion in 2011 to N7.8 billion in 2016 while Osun IGR appreciated by 21 per cent to N8.96 billion in 2016 from N7.4 billion in 2011.

“IGR for Oyo State increased from N8.92billion in 2011 to N16.31billion in 2014.”

The report noted that Oyo State IGR remained flat at N15.66billion in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

The bureau said for this period, seven states are yet to report their half year 2016 IGR figures. The states are Abia, Anambra, Bauchi, Ebonyi, Oyo, Rivers and Sokoto.

A total of N317.79billion was generated by 29 states that have reported their H1 2016 Internally Generated Revenue figure and the revenue was generated across the following types – PAYE, Direct Assessment, Road Taxes, Revenue from Ministries, Departments & Agencies and other taxes.