FRSC vows to clampdown on traffic law offenders


The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), on Friday vowed a massive clampdown on unrepentant traffic law breakers in the Federal Capital Territory (FTC).

Mr. Wobin Gora, the new FCT Sector Commander of the FRSC gave this warning at his maiden news conference in Abuja on assumption of office on June 12.

Gora, who decried the attitude of road users in the FCT, identified overloading, use of phone while driving and non-use of foot bridges by pedestrians as common traffic offences in Abuja.

He said “I am using this medium to tell motorists in the FCT that if they want to carry overload, go to another state because FCT will not contain me and you.

“I will be out personally for a clampdown on those overloading their vehicles and those who use phones while driving.

“No matter how well placed, you are expected to obey the law. I am not trying to intimidate people but I want everyone to just do the right thing as far as traffic rules are concerned.”

Gora also expressed the readiness and determination of the sector command to enforce the proposed mental examination on traffic law breakers.

He said that the examination, which would begin nationwide on July 1, would focus on life-threatening violations such on use of phone while driving, route violation, traffic light violation, dangerous driving and overloading.

Gora decried the level of lawlessness by road users in the country and wondered why Nigerians obey rules and regulations abroad, but find it difficult to do same back home.

On non-use of foot bridges by pedestrians, the sector commander called for special task force and mobile courts to prosecute offenders.

He said that “the little days I have stayed in the FCT as sector commander I have been able to notice few things in the motoring public.

“Pedestrians find it difficult to use the bridges built for them.

“If the FCT Administration can raise a task force with mobile courts to man those areas where there are pedestrian bridges, people will think twice before crossing roads where there are bridges purposely built for their safety.”

While noting that the initiative succeeded in places like Lagos, Gora said the huge resources invested by government in providing the bridges should not be wasted.

He reiterated his readiness to reach out to security agencies for collaboration on the impending massive clampdown on traffic rule violators in the FCT, adding that his major priority was to ensure free flow of traffic.

He said he had accordingly instructed unit commanders to ensure that their men were out as early as 6 a.m. daily on routes with heavy traffic.