5 Must-Have Eyebrow Pluckers for Flawless Arches

First, find the ideal length for your brows with your brow pencil or eyebrow plucker. Hold your pencil against the outer corner of your nose, lining it up with the far side of your eye at a 45-degree angle.

Sharp Pencil

Plucking your eyebrow plucker can be arduous and painful, but if you’re willing to work, you can achieve a flawless face-framing arch that’ll leave everyone wondering where you got your brows from. Fortunately, plenty of must-have eyebrow pluckers can help you tame those unwanted hairs and create the perfect brow look without resorting to harsh beauty products.

First, it’s crucial to use the right tool for the job. Instead of grabbing the old-fashioned tweezers that come with your makeup kit, Healy recommends using a pair of eyebrow tweezers that feature grip ridges to ensure the hair is secure when removing it.

He also suggests using an eyebrow plucker pencil to outline and fill in your brows before you start tweezing, which will help you not pull out too much stray hair while keeping your natural brow shape.

Finally, a brow gel must ensure that your brows stay in place all day (and even after a good night’s sleep). Glossier’s Boy Brow is a tinted gel that gives the illusion of a thicker, fuller brow, while Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Lift Pencil offers a soft, pigmented formula to define and shape.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, smudge-proof brow pencil or something more detailed, you can find the perfect product for your brow needs with this roundup of 15 vetted eyebrow pencils. Some of these are Glam Bag favourites Ipsters swear by, so read on to discover the one for you!


A concealer is a skincare product that can help conceal hard-to-cover blemishes, uneven skin tone, dark circles, and discolourations. It can also create a more even skin tone and accentuate facial structures.

You can use concealer to hide any blemishes or imperfections or mix it with the foundation to create a custom-tinted moisturizer that suits your skin. Be sure to choose the best formula for your skin type to avoid looking cakey or heavy.

Before applying your concealer, clean and exfoliate your face thoroughly to remove any pore-clogging oil and dirt from the skin’s surface; this will help the makeup go on smoothly and look more natural.

Then, apply a thin layer of concealer on top and underneath your eyebrows for a more defined shape. This will help your brows pop and open up your eyes.

For an extra boost of coverage, try using a translucent or skin-toned setting powder that’s either liquid or powder-based to seal in your makeup and keep it from fading throughout the day. The BareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation is an excellent option as it offers full coverage and stays hydrated all day.

Lastly, blend your concealer with a beauty blender to eliminate any excess that would turn cakey later on. You can use your fingers, but investing in a good beauty blender for smoother application and better results is best.

The Concealer is a must-have in every makeup bag. It’s easy to use, and you can create a flawless look with just a few simple steps. It’s a must-have for all women and can make the difference between perfectly shaped brows and those that aren’t.


Mascara is an essential makeup staple to darken, thicken, lengthen, and curl the eyelashes. It’s typically a liquid in a tube with a mascara wand attached to the top.

Mascara contains a mixture of pigments, oils, and waxes designed to give the product its unique look. These ingredients help to create a smooth, consistent application.

Some formulas are water-free, while others contain a combination of water and oil. The lower the amount of water on a mascara’s ingredient list, the less likely it is to flake or smudge.

Another common ingredient is guanine, which helps the mascara to look glossy and iridescent. However, this substance is often replaced with bismuth oxychloride, an entirely vegan chemical that gives the product a matte, natural finish.

The key is to know your product well and understand how it works before you purchase it. Luckily, the internet is full of helpful information to guide you in your decision-making process.

For example, if you’re looking for a volumizing mascara that won’t clump or separate, Hardcastle recommends choosing one that includes nourishing oils like castor or jojoba oil. Alternatively, she says, “if you’re after a curling effect, look for one with waxes (such as beeswax or paraffin) to help lash extensions adhere to the lashes.”

Choosing a brush designed to work with the mascara is also essential. Generally, a soft, round brush is better for applying the product. Applying the product evenly can be difficult if you’re using a meeting that is too stiff or large.

Brow Powder

When it comes to enhancing your eyebrows, there’s a lot you need to know, and the right products are essential. eyebrow plucker are a multidimensional feature of your face, so it’s important to use a combination of pencils, pomades, and powders to achieve the most natural-looking result possible.

When you have light brow hair, using brow powder is a great way to enhance them without overdoing it. The powder is finely milled and works to settle between brow hairs, keeping your look smooth and soft.

Apply the brow powder toward your brow hairs for a more defined look. This is the best way to get a soft, sculpted finish that’s more dramatic than your natural brow line.

Another benefit of a brow powder is that it can help to fill in gaps between brows, making them look fuller and more defined. It’s also helpful for determining a sharper brow shape, like an arch or a slant.

Using the correct shade of eyebrow powder is key to creating a natural-looking brow. Generally, darker shades look more natural than lighter ones, so it’s best to go for a colour darker than your natural brow tone.

In terms of application, a spoolie brush is essential for applying brow powder. The spoolie end of the meeting works as a comb and helps to blend in the brow powder so that it doesn’t have too much of an obvious effect on your brow line.

It’s also worth considering getting your brows tinted before eyebrow plucker or shaping them. This can give you a more accurate idea of what your brows are like, and will help you make better decisions regarding trimming or shaping.


A tweezer is a must-have for any beauty lover, and when you’re ready to get your hands on one, it’s essential to pick the right type. The right pair of tweezers reduce hair breakage and give you a better grip on stray brow hairs, making them easier to remove.

Brow Code’s premium gold tweezers are designed to simplify grooming your brows. Squeeze the tweezers over the stray hairs and pull them off. This will ensure you remove all stray hairs and maintain a clean brow shape.

Highlighter is an essential part of any makeup look and can be used to add a glowy finish or enhance your overall look. They’re available in powder, cream, and liquid formulas and can be worn in various ways.

To find the best one for your skin tone, choose a colour that’s a shade or two lighter than your base, and stick to matte or shimmer/pearlescent finishes. Eyeshadow highlights are great for highlighting your eyes, and they’re especially useful if you have smaller or darker eyelids.

Use a soft highlighter shade to brighten your eyebrow plucker, or use it to accent your cupid’s bow and inner corners of your eyes for a more luminous look. The perfect way to create a natural-looking yet striking brow, the right highlighter can lift your face instantly and make your eyes pop in the mirror.

When highlighting your brows, apply the product with a brush with a fine tip. It’s crucial to blend well and avoid lines appearing where the highlighter starts and ends. It’s also a good idea to test it on the back of your hand or arm before applying it to your eyebrow plucker.

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