5 Steps to Rebuild Your Bedroom with the Strength and Beauty

Bedrooms are the essence of every house. They are a space of your own, meant to emit vibes that can further boost you with energy and cheer. A preferred bedroom design can say a lot about a person’s overall personality. Its maintenance and the vibes it emits are like an open book to your personal preferences and habits. So are the materials and colours used.

Thus, bedroom décor must be chosen carefully. Here are a few tips to consider while you rebuild your bedroom with beauty and strength.

1. Strong and durable products only

This is a major step while redecorating your bedrooms. Be sure to use durable products. While many companies today provide customized furniture like side tables, dressing tables, cupboards, closets and beds, it is recommended to start from scratch and to get the furnishings done by experts.

While doing so, invest in the right quality material. Explore brands like CenturyPly which provide a wide range of plywood and other raw material required to decorate your bedroom. The Sainik 710 Plywood is among the highly recommended ones for its durability, strength and termite resistance properties.

2. The right size and positions

While you redecorate your bedroom, make sure to install the right kind of furniture in the right place.

Make sure you have a plan ready and strictly adhere to it. The size and shape of the furniture must be carefully selected. The size of your bed, closets, dressing table and other chairs and tables must be in proportion with one another. Also, make sure to use light weighted but quality material to make them easier to handle.

3. The right colours and laminates

The beauty of any room is highly dependent on the colours you use. The right kind of laminates will brighten up your rooms. CenturyPly has a wide range of plywood and laminates to provide that too at reasonable prices. Be sure to check them out and pick the right colours for your space.

The right quality of laminates can also save your furniture from stains, odour and pests. They add the required finishing touch, making them more durable and sophisticated in appearance.

4. Termite and pest free

Termites can damage your furniture to a large extent. It is, therefore, necessary to take precautionary measures at the time of installing your furniture.

Make sure to use chemically coated and highly trusted raw materials. BWP tested SAINIK 710 is another plywood offered by CenturyPly. They have been manufactured with SSR (strength and shape retention) properties and are a perfect option for your bed frames. The technology also keeps the termites away increasing the lifespan of your furniture. Be sure to visit CenturyPly’s official website and check out the BWP plywood price.

5. Quality over quantity

Quality must always be preferred over quantity. Buy the right furniture for your bedroom. Do not invest in anything and everything. Keep a plan ready and adhere to it at all costs.

Also, do not spend unnecessarily on furniture and raw materials. Invest in good quality materials that are provided by genuine brands. Too much furniture can leave very little space for you to dwell. It might make the over bedroom appear smaller than it is and can make it seem shabbier.


All your bedroom furniture must follow a simple mantra of beauty with strength. Follow the above-mentioned tips to strengthen your rooms while you beautify them. Also, make it a point to visit CenturyPly’s official website to check out various other products meant to impart strength to your home furnishings.

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