6 Mind-Blowing Features of Lucida Laminates

Are you planning to refurbish your home?

You might be thinking of bright colours and fancy furniture for all your rooms, right?

Well, do not worry about having to choose between quality and looks. Easily revamp your worn-out kitchen cabinets this year. Get rid of all those stains and grease deposits on your countertop with the amazing Lucida Laminates! No more scrubbing the cabinets for hours and no more greasy stains!

Lucida Laminates by Century Laminates brings you an extensive range of best-in-class laminates solutions. From the bedroom to the kitchen, this laminate will ensure the utmost protection and everlasting shine for all your furniture. From beautiful colours to unique and outstanding textures, you can now get flawless beauty, safety, and impeccable durability all in one laminate!

Not just your kitchen but any room and any furniture piece of your choice can be revamped with the Lucida Laminates. No matter where you choose to apply it, the look the laminates will give your furniture is going to be impeccable. You, your family, and even your guests will fall in love with how the laminate looks and feels.

We know you must be wondering what makes the Lucida Laminates so unique and amazing. Well, here are six features of Lucida that will make you want to buy it right away!

    1. Long-lasting gloss and shine:

Not only will these laminates keep your cabinets and furniture stain free, but they will also make them look glossier and classier than ever! Do not worry about the gloss and shine fading away as it does with other laminates. Your homes will always look good as new.

With Lucida, all you need to think about is how you want to design your house so that it looks brand new!

     2. Impact resistance:

Do you sometimes accidentally drop utensils around the kitchen or liquids on the furniture? If you have laminated furniture in your house, your heart will surely skip a beat before fearing that the laminate may have been damaged. Not with the Lucida laminates.

This range of sturdy laminates boasts the best material and an extremely powerful build. With this impact-resistant range of laminates, your surfaces are completely safe, even if you accidentally drop a heavy utensil or a vase.

   3. Heat tolerance:

We had all had a time when we accidentally placed a hot utensil on our newly laminate covered table and almost burnt our hands, trying to get it off quickly. Apart from that, the heat of our grills, microwaves, and ovens is always a big concern too. What if the laminate melts or gets charred from the heat? Well, that question will not arise with Lucida Laminates in your house, especially in your kitchen.

The material is highly heat resistant, so you have the time to grab a trivet for the hot utensil, and you can use your ovens and microwaves as much as you want! You also need not worry about spilling hot coffee or water on any surface protected with the Lucida Laminates.

   4. Excellent hygiene:

You need not get to work hours before your guests arrive to clean the kitchen and the furniture anymore. Lucida laminate will make it easier and less time-consuming. With a single wipe, you can easily wipe away any stains or mess without having to scrub it at all. That is the magic of Lucida Laminates, no more scrubbing or scraping. You can effortlessly get a sparkling clean home within minutes!

   5. Stain resistance:

No need to worry about your kids making a mess in the kitchen and staining your cabinets, countertops, tables, or anything else. By laminating your home furniture with Lucida Laminates, you can make sure that no number of crazy experiments, oil, or gravy can stain your laminate. Rest assured, and experiment with new dishes. Leave the rest to the stain-resistant Lucida Laminates!

   6. Impeccable design and colours: 

Not everything that is safe and has great quality comes with a boring and a few options to choose from. The Lucida Laminates have an extensive range of designs suitable for all rooms. Choose from a number of options and make all your rooms safer and shinier with the glossy Lucida Laminates! 

You can now get a shining laminate for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or any other room that you want without worrying about anything. No colour fading with time, no damage, and no tiring stain removals!


The Lucida range of laminates ensures quality, durability, and shine, along with heat and stain resistance! All your worries can now be cleaned with just a wipe. For years, your kitchen and other rooms will look like you just revamped them.

With several flawless designs and the most durable build, the Lucida Laminates range will leave all your guests wondering where you got them from. Get the laminates that suit your needs and design your home to make it good as new.

Get the Lucida Laminates for your home today and leave the worries of staining or damaging your kitchen!

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