Stay alert from scam caller numbers like (877-311-5134)


Nowadays cyber crime is a massive problem in our society. There are on average 2,244 cyber attack happens worldwide daily. The hackers are attacking people almost every minute. Not only through the internet or social media platforms even through scam calls the scammers can make you fool. Eventually, the technology becomes better day by day the scam calls even get better.

One common scam caller number

In this article, we discuss one of the common scam caller numbers 877-311-5134. If you found this number you can recognise, then you should stay careful. You must know every information about the scam caller things like-

1. How can you identify the scam number?

2. How do the scam calls work?

3. What to do if you get a scam call?

4. How to get rid of scam calls?

5. Some apps that help identify scam numbers.

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How can you identify the scam number?

 Nowadays the scam numbers are getting better. If you get a call from a number out of your country or somewhere else so, be careful, you may be got scammed. One of the scam numbers is 877-311-5134. This number is very common. In the US, this number is used by many public service companies. As this number is very common and people normally pick up the calls, the scammers are paying attention to this number. It’s very often scammers used this number as this number has no owner. So there is no way you can find who is calling you. If you get a call from 877-311-5134 or any other number and the caller says that they are from your Bank or insurance company or any other essential company and they asked you for any OTP you just getting scammed. Even scammers often pretend like FBI departments and threatened you as if there has an arrest warrant out for you. And they demand money. If this happens disconnect the call immediately.

How does the scam call work?

 877-311-5134 is a public service number. In the US, many service companies use this number. And this number has no owner. And there are no ways to find out who is calling. That’s why scammers pay much attention to this number. Scammers often simulate your insurance company or bank branches or other essential companies. They ask you for such OTP or your credit card number. If you give them your information they immediately hack your bank account and you will lose your money.

 The scammers always pretend like bank managers, the insurance company or the FBI department. Whatever they identified themselves as they always ask you for money. Several times if you only pick up the calls scammers can find out about your information. And they ask for an OTP to confirm your information. This OTP is a trick, it is actually a QR code. When you scan the OTP on your phone your every information including your bank account information. There are various ways scammers got to scam people and even many people fall for their tricks.

As many public service companies use these numbers, many people didn’t know that is a scam number. People might think only fool people get scammed. But many often smart peoples fall for their tricks.

What to do if you get a scam call?

 Nowadays as fast the technology becomes better the scam numbers are getting better also. 877-311-5134 this number is one of the scam numbers. This number does not belong to anyone, scammers use this number most of the time.

 The scammers only have an interest in your money. They call you and pretend such as Bank manager, Microsoft company, insurance company, FBI department or any other essential company. And if they demand any money transfer or threaten you to transfer their money, it was a scam call. Remember it, your Bank or FBI never ask you for any money transfer. Even if there has any problem they don’t call you and won’t threaten you with a money transfer.

 If you get a call from such a scam number, do not fall for their tricks, never give them any of your information, and immediately disconnect the call. And the best way is not to pick up the calls. Even if you pick up the call do not share any of your information. If you get scam calls continuously give that number to your nearby police station.

If you pick up a call from any scam caller number, what should you do?

 The scammers only motive is how to bankrupt you. The only thing they want is your money. If you get a call from 877-311-5134 or any other scam numbers please do not respond. Even if you pick up the call by any chance hang up the call immediately. You must inform your nearby police station about your situation and give them the unknown number.

How to be safe from getting scammed?

877-311-5134 is the most common number which is used by scammers very often. This is a number that is used by many companies as a public service number. This number does not belong to anyone. That’s the reason scammers often used this number. If you get a call from 877-311-5134 it’s better to not respond and hang up the call. But if you pick up the call and on the other sides person asks you for your any personal information or any kind of OTP and they tell you they are from any Microsoft company or insurance company so, you can assure that if you give them any of this information you got ripped off. So don’t give them any of your information and do not call back those numbers.

Do the scammers only scam by calls?

Scammers not only stop in calls. They can also scam you on other internet platforms and even text messages. Nowadays many scammers send you messages. They might say you have won some kind of lottery and they ask you to send your personal information or call back their customer numbers. And asks you to pay some money to have the prize. Do not believe such things because that’s just a scam.  If you get scam messages block those numbers right away.

  • According to research and surveys from 2021 to 2022 spam text stats went up to 1024%.

How to get rid of scam calls?

 Scam callers are attacking people almost every minute. Even many peoples are falling for their tricks. When you get a scam call it’s better not to respond. But if you getting the call continuously you can just tell them to stop calling you. But it’s good for you to do not to pick up the call. Instead that you can also block the number. Now there are many apps available which can help you to identify scam numbers. And also you should give the scam number to the police so that they can find out the scammers.

Some apps that help identify scam numbers-

Scam calls are a big problem nowadays. Scammers attack people almost every minute. Maximus the smartphone owners are affected by scam callers. Now there are some kind of apps are available, that helps you to find out scam number.

1. True caller

2.  Robokiller

These are two apps that identify who is calling. With the help of these apps, you can easily find scam numbers. And if you get a scam call ignore it and do not respond to the call. In these types of apps, your mobile phone can block spam numbers automatically from the advanced setting of these apps.

What to do if you pay money to some scammer?

 If you already pay money to some scammer then you might not able to get return your money. But if you take action as soon as possible then there has a chance you don’t lose your money. If you have paid through your credit or debit card, then contact your credit card company or your bank, tell them what happened, and ask them for a “charge back”. And if you pay them through any money transfer app and the app is linked to your bank account so immediately contact your bank and tell them to stop the transaction.

Where you can report scam calls?

 If you lost your money through any scam calls and you have information about the scammers and you want to report file for this you can report at this following link-

Or if you didn’t lose any money, but you got scam calls and you want to stop that so you can report the number at this following link-


Scam callers are becoming more advanced day by day. There are several peoples who are getting scammed daily. In the US, in the last 12 months, 68.4 million Americans report losing money through phone scams. People should know about scam calls. If a person gets any scam calls it’s better not to respond or do not give any kind of your information. Nowadays most people use a smartphone. And the scammers are targeting those people. There are many apps available like True caller and Robokiller. You can use these apps. These apps help to identify scam numbers. True caller companies and governments are also investing time and resources to get an end to the case.

We always want that our public should be safe from scams. We tried our best to give all pieces of information about scam calls and also we tried to clarify what we should do and what we should not do. So, we must say to all our readers that read this article properly, increase your knowledge and BE ALERT AND BE SAFE FROM SCAMS.

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