Can I still use Vanced?

One day after Vanced was launched, many users were excited to see the application. Many thought it would revolutionize the way they watch movies online. This application has been available for over five years and it has done well. In fact, it has received lots of awards. In 2018 alone, this app was nominated for six awards, and it took home three of those awards.

For 2019, the creators of Vanced were nominated for another four awards. Some of these awards included the People’s Choice Award and the Best Mobile Video Production award. Vanced has done so well that it was featured in Forbes magazine.

This is not surprising because the creators are very talented. It has been reported that over 6.8 billion hours of movies have been watched using the application youtube vanced since its creation. This means that over 1.2 trillion hours have been viewed and over 50 million hours have been uploaded. This is more than what Netflix and Hulu can provide. It’s a fact that millions of people use this application daily. For instance, the average user watches around 15 minutes a day.

The creators of Vanced have announced that the app will be discontinued on April 1, 2020. However, they added that the app will continue to function for some time after that. They did not specify what they mean by that.

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