Container desiccant: what they are and uses

Whenever we buy products, such as sports shoes, we find container desiccant inside the box.

What do we do with those bags? Usually, people throw them away, and that is bad practice.

Container desiccant are elements used to protect packages of packed products. It is a very cheap and effective way to keep your features intact.

Container desiccant are your best allies if you have a business that includes shipments or want to stop humidity at home.

For example, to avoid the appearance of bad odors and guarantee the maintenance and protection of your packages, it is necessary to use container desiccant.

Stay with us and discover more about the importance of using moisture bags, what makes them so effective, the main benefits of using them and the uses you can give them in your life.

What are container desiccants?

Container desiccant are products capable of absorbing moisture present in the environment.

In general, silica moisture-proof bags are placed in clothing, shoes and food packaging to protect the products from the natural deterioration generated by the appearance of moisture.

Anti-humidity gel bags are characterized by their drying properties, the main characteristic of their content.

What do the container desiccant contain?

To discover what container desiccants contain, it is necessary to know the elements that compose them?

Silica gel, in the form of small balls, is the most frequently used to make moisture-proof bags. They stand out for being non-toxic.

But that is not its only property. Silica gel can absorb moisture and prevent the appearance of bad odors.

In addition to keeping packs dry, moisture-wicking gel packs are excellent value for money and feature high performance.

Do they only contain silica gel?

Anti-moisture bags contain not only silica gel but also natural clay. Clay is an element used to prevent corrosion.

It is ideal for protecting the products arranged inside the packaging.

So, in addition to the traditional container desiccant with silica gel balls, you can find some presentations made of natural clay.

Where to use the anti-humidity gel bags

Silica anti-moisture bags keep packages dry, and theyare used in various areas such as:

  • Pharmaceutical products.
  • Food packaging.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Clothes and shoes.

Benefits of moisture bags

Container desiccant are recommended in the presence of various factors that could damage or modify the properties of a product.

It is common to use them to avoid or counteract the effects of:

  • Corrosion.
  • Oxidation.
  • Dust compaction.

Dangers of moisture bags

Although the anti-humidity gel packs are known to be non-toxic and non-flammable, most sachets include warning messages to avoid consuming the pellets that comprise them.

Cobalt chloride turns pink in moisture and remains blue when dry.

The consumption of the content of the balls can be varied. Among the reactions that they present after the accidental or intentional consumption of the container desiccant are:

  1. Stomach ache.
  2. dehydration
  3. Irritation.

Uses of anti-humidity gel packs

When looking at the anti-humidity gel bags present in food packages, clothes and shoes, we usually make the mistake of throwing them in the trash.

Do not do it! Use the container desiccant in your favor and add a valuable product to your life.

Anti-moisture bags for electronics

The use of container desiccant in electronic devices has become a solution.

Some container desiccant in the box of any electronic product will allow it to absorb environmental humidity that could affect it.

When you get your mobile or tablet wet, you can store the device in a bag along with several anti-moisture bags. In a short time, it will absorb the water from your device. Remember to remove the battery.

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Container desiccant for bags and wallets

Silica anti-moisture bags are used in handbags and purses to absorb moisture produced by sweat or drops from a rainy day.

When you change accessories, keep them in a drawer with some container desiccant inside. So, when you need it again, it will be like new.

Container desiccant for cabinets

Closets or cabinets are places where -at all costs- we should not allow humidity. Its effects can be catastrophic for you.

Container desiccant in the gym backpack

The gym bag, in general, is loaded with a lot of humidity, a product of the sweat generated by exercise.

It seems difficult to keep it dry and avoid bad odors inside.

To keep your gym bag dry, you should place moisture bags to remove moisture from sweat.

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