Descriptive Essay on Sadness: 977 Words

There are many human emotions that collectively form our consciousness. The more we grow the more we get to experience the intensity level of these emotions. Sadness is one of the key emotions that is still in debate among top psychologists today. Even when the world’s top psychologist wants to write my essay about it they are faced with many challenges.

Sadness is an emotion and is always activated when we get to experience grief at an extreme level. We tend to stay away from happiness or being happy at all. 

Sadness hit me when I lost my wife in a car accident. I might have experienced sadness many times in my life but the hardest and gravest one was losing my love of life.

Descriptive Essay On Sadness

During my high school year, I fell in love with Sara. She was the shyest one and an introvert in the entire class. When we first met she collided with me when she was finding her science class.

She dropped her books immediately due to impact. I was quite angry as I was running late for my football match practice. I started yelling but as soon as I gazed into her fearful hazel eyes I was stuck with the magic of Medusa and felt like I’m turning into stone.

She was sitting on the floor looking at me with sad and apologizing eyes. She said I am sorry but I was unable to hear anything. I was at a standstill and was unable to move my body and tongue. She said sorry many times but little to no words were heard by me. It was like I’m writing a descriptive essay on her.

That was the time when all the romantic stories cliche comes into real life. I felt like I’m writing a descriptive essay on my love life. I felt a cupid throwing an arrow through my heart and I was slain by her heart-bursting beauty.

Suddenly my friend came and called my name aloud, that somehow broke the spell on me. Afterward, we spoke a little bit here and there and I asked her for assignment writing help also. Finally, I did manage to ask her out. I was so confused that my heart was pounding like the blow of boxing punches by Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson.

My First Date

On our first date, we went to see a horror movie, she was feeling so frightened that she held on to my arm. Every time a horror scene comes she grabbed my arm with such a strong force that it felt like ripping apart at any moment.

I remember when I was walking her home we both were clinging to each other so closely that it seemed like we are as one. Her smile and the floral fragrance of her perfume make me crazy for her.

She became my high school sweetheart, and we both fell in love. Her mother was a bit strict and she didn’t approve of our relationship. But we both fought hard for everyone for keeping this relationship.

Eventually, on Christmas eve, I proposed to her with my grandmother’s ring. It was an heirloom and presented a great significance to my family. Asking my mother for this ring was not like a walk in the park.

But somehow my dad’s efforts came to fruition and we both received her blessings. Unfortunately, the snowfall was quite hard on the roads. Still, I crossed all the obstacles and went to her home. 

Bent on my knees in front of her with her mother standing behind her I ask her to marry me. She jumped up with excitement, and we both hugged each other and celebrated this event together.

 Now comes the day when I accepted her as my wife, I was wearing a black tuxedo and my dad was with me as my best man. She came in her astonishing white dress looking like a pearl. 

Our Promises

We both read our vows and then started our life together. After the wedding, we both lived for a few months in a euphoria. Soon after we faced a reality check. Sara got pregnant with my baby. But she experienced a miscarriage. The miscarriage hurt our relationship as she was having depression and severe mental breakdowns due to this event.

We both started having many fights in a month, then a week, and eventually like every other day. We hated each other so much that we cant bear ourselves in the same room. 

Then finally we decided on divorce on mutual grounds. Right when we came back from the lawyer’s office, Sara experienced terrible pain in her head. I rushed her to the nearest hospital ER. 

A Fall From The Cliff

After a few hours of examination, she was given a diagnosis of a brain tumor. My whole world was upside down. I felt like I had fallen from a cliff and was unable to get up on my feet. 

I got fainted with this news, although it felt like I’m dead as soon as I woke up I rushed to her room. Little did I know that she has already passed away by bursting a vein in her frontal lobe of the brain. 

The day when we both thought our relationship was over, was the exact day when I had fallen in love with her eternally. I was like a walking talking humanoid with no senses of his own. 

Reading or writing a descriptive essay was too tough for me. I was feeling like my life is falling apart after her death. Our room is still as we left it when we went to the hospital. Her smell in the clothes and our room is an eternal reminder of my loss. That room in which I felt disgusted and hate is now my happy space. 

I become human when I’m in our room. The more I try the more I’m fallen into the abyss of melancholy. This pain is not ending, not with the whole bottle of whiskey or vodka. My soul is on fire with tons of excruciating sadness. Drowning my soul into the water of cries. 

This sadness is killing me day and night. My tongue and face are having paralysis of words. I can’t breathe and sleep. I loved her and I lost her. It’s my destiny to live as a lifeless creature among the living. 

This pain is making me immortally cursed. I should have died when she left me. Her memories are not letting me die nor letting me live. I wish I could die as quickly as she did so the sadness and melancholy left me forever.


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