How Has a QR Code Changed the Plywood Buying Experience

While the 21st century is flourished and enhanced with technology, it is unfortunately the same technology that is posing a greater threat in various forms. Copying any product and duplicating it is no longer a big task. Anybody who has the required means and knowledge can conveniently copy a product and put it out for sale.

Timber and plywood are huge businesses in India. It is profitable and convenient to deal with. While there are a few flourished and well-recognised brands in the country, there are a few fake ones that sell inauthentic products under various established brand labels.

CenturyPly has triggered the issue and has come up with an ingenious solution. With the introduction of the CenturyPromise app, customers can now check the authenticity, quality, and can download e-warranty certificates of the products they purchase. This will not only help them rest assured in a genuine case but will also prompt them to take the required legal actions. This can trigger the illegal market of plywood and will help the customers avail the best quality plywood.

Here’s how CenturyPromise has changed the plywood buying experience

The CenturyPromise app has been beneficial to many in various ways. Whenever someone invests in products like furniture and plywood, they would surely hope to get the best of services. While until very recently, there was no way of distinguishing between genuine plywood and a counterfeit one, CenturyPly has now made it possible.

As responsible citizens, we now must keep a track of the quality and services provided by various stores and companies and take legal action against all frauds.

Genuity of the Plywood

You can scan the QR code and easily check the authenticity of the plywood you have purchased. All CenturyPly products have a QR code available, which will track details like the thickness, product name, and code, date of manufacturing, size, and the name of the manufacturing plant.

This way you can rest assured of the quality and the authenticity of the product, without having to worry about scams. Only a genuine product will last you for a lifetime and thus, it is necessary to invest in the correct product.

Legal actions against fraud

In case any discrepancy is found, you can immediately take legal action. Get in touch with the customer service providers and inform them of the fraud. They will guide you through the legal procedure. This way you can save other customers from falling prey to similar scams and frauds.

Customer Services

CenturyPromise App provides various customer services. They will guide you through your product. You can also enquire about other products and the closest dealers available. Getting in touch with customer service providers can help you make an informed decision.

Free of cost services for all

The app aims to provide free services to all. The app can be easily downloaded from App Store and Play Store. You can log in for free and without any hassles. Everyone can avail their services without any age restrictions. Also, the app will provide all genuine information without charging any additional costs.

The digital form of Warranty Certificate

The app will help you generate a digital form of e-warranty certificate. These certificates are generated after you scan the product QR code. As long as the product is authentic, the app will be able to generate the certificate which can be saved and used for future reference. E-Warranty certificates too are generated free of cost and aren’t a much hassle to download.


The app is indeed a revolutionary invention. Many such apps can help you trigger all fake products in the market and can help you make informed choices. You can trigger fake companies and brands without having to worry about the authenticity of the product you buy.

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