How to create a minimalist living room that looks like you?

It is sometimes difficult to have clear thoughts once the work day is over and back home. This is why the minimalist decoration makes it possible to purify its interior to bring peace and harmony in its house, as in its spirit. Discover the advice of our decorators to allow you to create a minimalist living room that suits you.

Minimalist living room: purify to clear your mind

This is probably the room in our house or apartment where we spend most of our time. Whether it is to eat there, watch TV, or even to share evenings with friends or family, we can say that it is THE essential room.

Discover the advice of our decorators to allow you to create a minimalist living room in your image.

Opt for neutral tones

On your walls

Let’s start with the beginning. It is first essential to tackle the colors when talking about a minimalist living room. 

Indeed, it is a style that requires class and sobriety. It is therefore necessary to rely on neutral tones such as white or cream.

You can of course choose colors that stand out like blue or brown for example, the whole thing is not to overload the view in terms of patterns. Everything should be soft and pleasant to look at.

Your furniture should also adopt the same warm colors.

Opt for furniture of the same color and if possible of the same material for maximum uniformity in your living room, such as cupboards, a console or simple shelves, more in functionality than in decoration.

The whole thing is to clear the view, which is not possible if you overload the room with items that stand out from each other.

Clear up your field of vision to create a minimalist, airy and refined living room.

And even your objects

Harmonize everything, also thinking about the few objects you will have.

Remember to avoid excess. So opt for closed storage that does not reveal all your objects. Also avoid trinkets that will overload the view.

Your decoration must be like your living room, as minimalist as possible while adapting to your style, whether Nordic or modern.

Avoid excess furniture for a minimalist living room

The codes of minimalist decoration translate into the sobriety of the interior in order to bring peace to its cocoon and to allow a clear and clean transition between the workplace, the city and the street and its haven of peace.

Then opt only for the essential furniture that you may need in a living room. Sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet and why not one or two armchairs, do not overload.

For a more than successful minimalist living room, put some space between your furniture to make it easier to move around and to ventilate the room.

This layout will also allow you to clearly visualize the area and potential of your place.

Indeed, grouped furniture where the path of circulation is restricted can give the impression that your interior is narrower than it seems.

Clear floor-to-ceiling space

A floor without frills

As said before, it is necessary to purify your space to be able to create a minimalist living room worthy of the name. 

The same goes for your walls and floors. Nothing should exceed, or very little. If you want to lay out a rug, choose one that doesn’t catch the eye too much, avoiding flashy patterns and colors.

We also advise you to choose, if possible, furniture that does not rest entirely on the floor. So choose sofas or storage units that rest on legs. 

If your living room adopts the Nordic style, consider the compass feet that give lightness to the space.

Airy walls and ceiling

Continue this momentum by clarifying your walls.

Indeed, as for your floor, it is necessary not to overload them to make them more pleasant to look at.

If, however, you want to dress them up, opt for simple shapes and lines like these paintings for a successful minimalist living room.

Attention, the walls are not the only ones to have to be revamped.

Also opt for a sleek ceiling by having only one suspension in your living room. This will highlight your ceiling height to perfection, while keeping the room airy.

Strong pieces to mark the space

A beautiful mirror

The minimalist does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of all decoration.

We advise you, even if it means limiting yourself to a few items, to choose strong pieces that will mark the space with their charm and originality.

You can therefore, for example, opt for a magnificent mirror which will make it possible to enlarge the place while bringing it character.

A beautiful suspension

You can also dress your ceiling with a suspension of character that will perfectly highlight your living room with beautiful lighting.

A pendant lamp is very important in a room. It is she who sets the tone for the decoration and the style of your apartment or your house.

A beautiful chair

Having a beautiful armchair is synonymous with an interest in decoration.

Dare to adopt an armchair that will stand out in your space to dress with finesse. It is also a piece of furniture with which you can play with the material or the texture.

You can also opt for a colored armchair that will stand out in your minimalist living room to place it as a strong piece.

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