How to Draw A Cheetah Print

How to Draw A Cheetah Print. Cheetahs are excellent animals for several reasons. The most important thing to admire about the cheetah is that it is the fastest animal on earth, but that’s not all there is to admire about it!

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It also has a beautiful speckled pattern that many people love, and once you know how to draw a cheetah print, it can also be great for many craft projects. It can be tricky to draw, but once you get to the end of this guide, it won’t seem difficult!

How to Draw A Cheetah Print

Step 1

Drawing a pattern like a cheetah print may seem complicated, but we can accomplish it by creating many small shapes. In this guide to drawing a cheetah footprint, we’ll keep it simple!

First, we’ll start with a small part of the speckle pattern. As you can see in our reference image, these tiny dots will be very different.

They are most often drawn as thin, irregular oval shapes. Some of these will be filled with black, while others will have small holes.

For this section, the shapes are slightly smaller and more solid. Once you have a look you want, you’re ready for Step 2!

Step 2

For this step of your cheetah print design, we will move further inward to create the design. As they move further inland, the spots become slightly more prominent.

Some of them also have some white dots inside or a blank space on the side. There’s no wrong way, though, and as long as you keep it consistent, you can vary the design quite a bit!

Step 3

You’re starting to get the hang of it now, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with the next few steps in this guide to drawing a cheetah footprint.

These last stitches continue in the middle of the pattern, and again these are relatively large compared to the ones you drew in the first step.

As seen in the reference image, you will also have some white dots in many of them.

Step 4

We’re going to change direction a bit for this part of your cheetah footprint design. These will increase and begin to get a little smaller, like the ones from the first step.

Later, when you draw a face and neck for the cheetah, they will extend along the neck.

Step 5

In this step of our how-to draw a cheetah print guide, you will draw the dots higher than the dots. These will be closest to the cheetah’s face so that they will be the smallest cheetahs.

These last dots are more like thick pen dots covering the blank area of ​​the face. You can always add more stitches or subtract some if you’d like, as this is your design!

When you are happy with the number of seats you have, continue with the final steps.

Step 6

This last part of your cheetah print drawing is more optional as it involves drawing the cheetah’s face on which these dots are on.

Draw A Cheetah Print

We showed you how to draw a cheetah face. If you want to add it, you can carefully follow the picture to create a majestic cheetah face. By the way, this is one way to finish this drawing.

You can also incorporate this template into another theme; there are many ways to do that!

You could design a swimsuit with this pattern or create a bedspread with the design to unleash your inner interior designer.

Step 7

After you’ve finished drawing the dots and pattern, it’s time for the final fun step of this how-to-draw cheetah print guide.

Cheetah Print Drawing

You can get your favorite art mediums and tools to add beautiful colors to your photo! In our reference image, we have shown you realistic colors of a cheetah that you could, but don’t have to, use if you want a more stylish look.

This cheetah print lets you use your favorite bright colors for funky designs! Then you can experiment with some fantastic artistic mediums like paints, colored pencils, markers, or any other you love for some unique color variations.

Your Cheetah Print Drawing is Finished!

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