As we all know, properly running an Instagram account can help us boost our brand and sales. To do this, more and more companies are choosing to hire Instagram marketing agency services. In this way, brands ensure they get the results they expect on this world-renowned social network.

With this article, we want to show you why it is important to turn to Instagram marketing agency services to boost your company’s results. In addition, we will explain everything you need to know about the digital marketing strategy on the Instagram social network.

If you want to learn everything about these aspects, keep reading this post because it interests you.

Advantages of hiring the services of a marketing agency on Instagram

First of all, in this article, we want to talk about the most important advantages we will obtain if we hire the services of an Instagram marketing agency. The advantages we wanted to talk about today are the following.

Creation of a brand

Many times, through our presence on Instagram, we will be able to contribute to defining the values ​​of our brand. We will be able to carry out all of this through the publications we make on this social network. In addition, as we interact with users and our audience, we will define our brand image.

It all depends on how we develop this work, the public that visits us will take a good brand image about us or, on the contrary, will not feel attracted to our company. It is important to mention that people who browse this social network tend to feel more attracted to images.

Thanks to the Instagram advertising agency services, we can carry out this activity optimally and efficiently to achieve the best results. In this way, we must take advantage of all this to tell about our trajectory as a brand, experiences, day-to-day business and other aspects to try to get closer to our audience.


Thanks to Instagram, we can synchronize our corporate profile with other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. All this will provide us with a great facility to spread the content we create on the different profiles of social networks.

Thanks to this we will be able to reach more people more efficiently. But on the other hand, this will allow us to save a large amount of time which we can allocate to other types of actions.

Possibility of interaction and feedback with our target audience

Instagram consists of a social network that allows us to talk and interact with companies since we are with users. Thanks to this, as users, we can provide these brands with feedback and opinions so that they are always aware of those aspects that need improvement. In addition, we can also show companies what they are doing correctly so that they continue to do so.

A very important and very powerful tool is hashtags. Thanks to them, users can share their experiences with the brand through a common hashtag.

On the other hand, companies that develop these aspects adequately will be able to get to know their clients better and will be able to generate added value.

With all this, we want to convey that Instagram marketing agency services will help us be closer to our audience and manage all these actions in the best possible way.

Possibility of a mobile version and desktop version

This social network is usually used through a mobile device. However, it must be said that all existing profiles on Instagram can be visited through the desktop version. This aspect can give us more possibilities for our business because our profile will be more accessible from any device.

Instagram Ads: a very powerful tool

Instagram allows us the possibility of creating ads with very visual formats that are known as Instagram Ads. This tool will help us humanize our brand and thus reach new audiences.

On the other hand, we find the geolocation option. We highly recommend putting the location in the post every time we upload a publication. Thanks to this, our company will appear on the map of the photos of that location and thus increase our visibility on this social network.

As we all know, having a profile on this platform can provide us with many advantages and benefits for our business. However, the advantages that we just talked about above are just those that seem to us the most important.

Instagram consists of a platform that has very significant growth. We know that more than 700 million users are already dedicated to sharing their photos with the community daily. In this way, it is a fashionable social network in which we all like to upload our photos and receive interactions with our followers. However, if we often do not have a good marketing strategy, increasing engagement will not give the expected results.

Some of the Instagram marketing agency services

Next, we will explain some of the activities agencies specialized in marketing on Instagram can help us carry out. Each of the points we will mention now is very important, so we have to try to implement them all in our strategy.

Optimize the biography of our profile

This point is very important when creating a new profile on this social network. This is because when someone searches for us, the first thing they see on our profile will be the bio. That is where users will find information about what we do, what we do and how we do it.

Include a link to our portfolio or website

In line with the above, it will be very helpful for our company to include a link in the profile biography that takes users to our website. And in this way, it is a great idea if we want to enhance our corporate website and direct more traffic to it.

Many brands and people choose to include a link tree in their biographies. This tool is about a link that opens different links to give us more possibilities to visit. Another similar option is to include more than one URL in the Instagram biography.

Use Instagram stories

The stories provided by this social network are a very powerful tool. We can upload stories about our products if you have an eCommerce or any type of company. Something that can help us a lot is that we appear in these stories from the company presenting these products.

Thanks to this activity, we will give a more humanized touch to the brand to be able to better connect with our audience.

If we want to enhance our brand, we must follow another strategy. In this way, the most recommended will be to tell stories about our day-to-day work, give tips or advice or teach some interesting topic that can be useful to our audience.

Use the question-and-answer tool

In our Instagram profiles, developing a good strategy to interact with our followers is very important. One way to do all this is to ask users about their tastes and preferences or any doubt about the products.

With all this, we are going to involve users at all times and we are going to make them feel very close to the brand. We must try to make our followers feel part of the brand and that they know that the company listens to them.

Many influencers carry out this technique and through these actions, most of them manage to connect with their audience.

Use story highlights

These featured stories, also known in English as highlights, consist of those we can see on the profiles permanently. Therefore, this can be a good option to upload something we want to highlight on our profile.

Post regularly and planned

The key is not to exceed the publications or fall short of the activity on this social network. However, we’ll need to analyze our audience to post with the right frequency and time.

Through this research, we will find out when our followers are connected to Instagram and when we can get more interaction.

Mavenup Creatives: Instagram marketing agency services

At Mavenup Creatives, we are a digital marketing agency. Thus, we take care of offering, among other things, services related to marketing on Instagram. To begin with, we have a team of professionals specialized in community management. With this, we are dedicated to keeping total control of the corporate profiles of those companies that wish to have growth in this area.

On the other hand, we also develop advertising in this type of social network. In this way, we carry out Social Ads actions, among which we can highlight those Instagram Ads. With this strategy, we achieve that the brands have a greater reach and greater visibility among the users of this social network.

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