What are the most Popular Linux Distributions and how are they used?

what are the most popular Linux distributions and how are they used

Open source is increasingly becoming more popular.

Linux, for the longest time, was considered to be too difficult to be used by an average user and considered more ap for hackers.

While this belief might have been somewhat true till a few years ago, it no longer stands ground.

Today, Linux is one of the most user- friendly operating systems out there.

It is free and comes in super handy for mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and netbooks.

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Now, back to gaining the right piece of knowledge to help you get started.

As we mentioned above, Linux is becoming increasingly popular but there are still too many questions that need to be answered and too many problems that need to be solved.

For this purpose, we are here with this article containing an answer to what are the most popular Linux distributions and how are they used.

So, without any further ado, let us get started in understanding the top Linux distributions you should know about today to ensure success in your future in this field.

Most Popular Linux Distributions


One of the top reasons why Arch Linux stands apart in the Linux ecosystem is because of its quality of not being based on any other distribution.

However, in spite of that, Arch Linux is very well- known and is being extensively used by the community for a long time now.

Arch is not recommended for new users because of the simple reason that its installation process is a tad bit complex.

Thus, the user needs to intervene in a lot of ways, which a new user might not be comfortable with.


Elementary is one Linux distributor which is aimed at Apple and Microsoft users. It is more appropriately referred to as Elementary OS.

Based, on Ubuntu, the first version was out in 2011 and its fifth release is what we work on.

It is considered to be one of the best- looking desktop distribution out there.

Hence, its polished visual appearance can be said to be its distinguishing feature.


Built as well as maintained by the Fedor Project, this Linux distribution is always in the lead when it comes to integrating new technologies and package versions.

Thus, if you are looking for the greatest and the latest FOSS software, then Fedora is all you need to look at.


It is yet another cost- free alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, just like Ubuntu.

OpenSUSE is also considered to be the top choice for both new and experienced users alike.


Debian has been a part of the Linux ecosystem for more than 27 years now and is still chosen above most because of its stability, reliable release cycle and robustness.

Apart from being the top choice for servers, Debian also has the largest quantity of available packages.


CentOS, which is the abbreviation for Community ENTerprise Operating System, is most famous for servers.

While its desktop version is not as well- thought of, its visual appearance keeps getting better every year.

It is most commonly used and also best known as a distribution for Linux servers.

It is also considered to be the best alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on cloud VPS vendors because of its 100% binary compatibility, stability and robustness with RHEL.


Last couple of years have been the boon years for Zorin because its name has risen to be amongst the top like phoenix from ashes.

Zorin is an Ubuntu- based distribution and finds its origin and maintenance in Ireland.

It appeals to all the Windows users because of its GUI and other programs, which are quite similar to those found in Windows.

The goal is to offer free of cost operating system along the lines of Windows. So that the users can enjoy Linux without any hassles.

It is obvious that the list of the most popular Linux distributions does not end at these seven.

However, to get into the depth of each of them here is not possible.

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