Pacman 30th anniversary || A classic arcade video game for you to play in new format

Technical improvements have been made to the Pacman 30th anniversary game since its release. In 1980, this video game came into the hands of people. At that time, on floppy disks and hard drives, it was available for players to play this video game. The change in design and format of the game took place after its restoration in 2010 with a new look. It has created a new generation that likes to play Pacman on the console and android system. Now, it is one of the best games with a huge number of fans. Due to such improvements in the Pacman game framework, it becomes more popular to influence the next generation to a great extent. 

What Is Pacman 30th Anniversary?

What Is Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman is an arcade video game that hit the gaming industry officially in1980. Game-addicted teens opted for Pacman because of its simple design, straightforward gaming rules, and easy access to a computer. It was a leading game for youngsters. However, Pacman’s game-design company gradually attempted to modify the gaming setup and its features in order to entertain people of all ages. Pacman 30th Anniversary event gave a chance to people to see a new variant with more innovative gaming options. Now, they get more vibe by playing this game for fun. 

History of Pacman 30th Anniversary 

History of Pacman 30th Anniversary

 Behind the creation of Pacman video game, there is a history. Toru Iwatani is the main creator and designer of Pacman. When he declared the first release of Pacman in 1980, it was a simple gaming formula. Goblins grope for victims to eat. The gamer is stressful how to escape from the hands of the monster. However, Toru Iwatani, a Japanese game maker, got inspiration from a pizza model. He imitated the character of pizza to design the protagonist character. He is gobbling dots in yellow and blue colours in a maze. He described in his notebook that the pizza-shaped protagonist is a replica of his own face. A large mouth gobbles dots to get points fast. During dot eating, the mouth produces suppressed sounds. His experiment did not fail. Pacman 30th anniversary marks his achievement in innovating the whole gaming framework for engaging the audience.

More Technical Features and Modifications in Pacman 

Today, you will get over 100 variants of Pacman due to the modifications. The up-to-date Pacman appears in a different way with the changes in costumes, design, characterization, graphics, and audio. Gamers are lucky to have high-quality HD pictures and sound effects. Therefore, Pacman fans celebrate its 30th anniversary to appreciate the game creator and designers. Pacman game has different game-playing modes to use at your convenience. 

Pacman 30th Anniversary- A Turning Point for Gaming Industry 

Pacman 30th anniversary is an unforgettable event as the gaming industry has got a new variant with a lot of features. Anyone can play this video game easily without having vast technical knowledge. It is a great advantage for non-tech persons to use gaming tools to play this game for entertainment. Another stunning point is that the Pacman edition is suitable for both men and women. Earlier, only boys had an interest in video games. Girls did not get support to wait for playing Pacman in the arcade video game parlours. Right now, after Pacman 30th anniversary celebration, it is the game for everyone without any gender bias issues. 

How Will You Play Pacman?- Quick Guide 

How Will You Play Pacman

The Pacman game is as easy as drinking water. But you need to be more cunning to swallow dots as many as you can to reach 240 per item. By eating a single dot, you will earn 10 points. The danger increases as you move closer to capturing the dots. Goblins and ghosts wait for you. They destroy anyone crossing them. So, with care, you need to proceed to kill all enemies for a safe expedition. 

Face Different Characters 

Different Characters

As you move, you will come across various fictitious people. These imaginative characters seem to have a life. All the characters are not good. During your online adventurous journey, you should choose your best friends and discard the bad ones. Here, the Pacman game has several negative characters like Pinky, Inky, Blinky, and Clyde. Inky is always mysterious. He behaves like a ghost to harm neighbours. Pinky is a female ghost with a tendency to put you into an uncomfortable situation. You should understand all these important characters for better performance in real game playing. 

Tricks to Play Pacman for Winning

Pacman is an interesting game for children. To earn more points, you must eat small to large dots. One of the tricks to play Pacman is to track larger dots flashing in the light. Energizer dots are visible on the extreme corners of the maze section. 1 big dot of Energizer brings 50 points to you. In this way, you can collect over 14000 points successfully to keep the lead in the game. 

Another good trickster is to get the fruit for increasing points over others. By eating cherry, it is possible to have 100 points in a single go. In this way, you will be close to a prominent figure – 5000 points to catch for making a difference. 

Go ahead and use another simple trick to overtake your competitors. By killing a monster, you will experience two times increase in getting points. By destroying a single powerful monster in a prominent blue colour, you can earn up to 1600 points. Pacman fans should have an idea of how an evil force such as the monster behaves. You need a specific format or pattern to chase them and destroy the monsters. Once you acquire such efficiency, it will make you a winner by smashing all monsters, ghosts, and wicked characters of Pacman.

Cherry Pattern 

Cherry Pattern Pacman

Success is not difficult for you but you must have the patience to make it successful for you. If you want to quickly accumulate points by eating all monsters, you must select the Cherry pattern. Here, in this maze, three ferocious monsters are visible to capture you for revenge. Go below to clear all dots from the row. It will help you kill monsters to have 1600 points from each enemy. Before sending three monsters to heaven, you must attack Energizer to eat all dots to ensure smooth winning. 

Mid-Fruit Pattern 

Mid-Fruit Pattern Pacman

This Mid-fruit pattern is the second slider/screen for a gamer to hanker after monsters. This maze is risky compared to the Cherry pattern. Here, you will see multiple screens showing strawberries and peaches in rows. Be sure to finish all fruits as you progress from one phase to the next. However, monsters are not visible in blue colour as you identify them in the Cherry pattern. Here they are more ferocious and faster to run. There is little chance for you to escape from monsters passing through the tunnels. In case, your enemy is very close to invading you, plan to find an Energizer dot to eat. It will open a new route to suppress monsters for destruction. 

Impact of Pacman 30th Anniversary 

Impact of Pacman 30th Anniversary

People reacted strongly by celebrating Pacman 30th anniversary. Pacman fans are joyous after getting Pacman in a more polished format. They witness the struggle for power in order to dominate rivals. Pacman game has adopted a gorgeous look after a lot of technical innovations. People like this Pacman for its brilliant colour display, superior graphics, mind-blowing sound, and excellent sightseeing. 

Get Pacman on Google Doodle

What Is Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th anniversary has added a Google Doodle feature to this game. Now, Pacman is live on your Google page. By typing Pacman on the Google page, you will discover the new Doodle page with I am feeling lucky option. Click on it to have the new Pacman doodle game for playing. 



Pacman 30th anniversary pleases all classic gamers who like to be present online for video game playing. Right now, Pacman is downloadable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Nintendo Switch, Apple iOS-enabled devices, and STEAM PC. The game access to your android handset is fast and easy. So hurry up to download the Pacman series to enjoy the weekend.


What is the Pacman series?

It is an upgraded arcade video game for playing.

Is the Pacman game free on Google?

Pacman is now available on Google Doodle to live playing.

What is Pacman’s 30th anniversary?

Pacman was re-launched in 2010 after a massive technical upgrade. The game maker celebrated the 30th anniversary of this arcade game.

Is Pacman Spam?

No. But you should protect your system by installing an anti-virus patch for online safe game playing.

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