Sorenson forensics criminal paternity test – What is it?

The genetic material you acquire from both your father and mother is called DNA. The word “paternity” represents a father. The DNA paternity test determines a man’s paternity by using DNA, normally collected from a cheek swab. Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity Test is the leading paternity test lab that provides the most accurate results. 

DNA testing is also helpful in civil courts when a child’s paternity is in dispute. DNA testing is unquestionably a crucial component of criminal investigations, including forensic analysis. 

Another sign of a civic demand for this technology is the pervasiveness of paternity testing at local drugstores and on the internet. It is crucial to remember that this direct-to-consumer (DTC) tests won’t hold up in court because it is impossible to establish whose samples were tested. 

Therefore, the Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity Test is occasionally utilized to help decide whether to file a lawsuit or to just give peace of mind in cases of disputed paternity.

What is the Sorenson forensics laboratory?

Sorenson forensics laboratory

The Sorenson Forensics laboratory has been approved to work with a wide range of cutting-edge forensic DNA testing technology platforms and a wide variety of chemistries. 

They are aware of the value of their work and the lives it affects. Because of this, they have created internal redundancies for checks and balances, implemented unmatched quality assurance methods, and improved processes in line with their standing as a top-tier laboratory.

Why is the Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity test crucial?

Paternity test

Superior precision, accuracy, and documentation are necessities for forensic science and DNA testing, which are highly technological operations. The best level of performance occurs when all two disciplines are combined. 

They can only be provided by a DNA profiling laboratory with experienced and knowledgeable forensic scientists. As well as critically-refined processing processes. The standard is required to guarantee accurate forensic DNA test findings that can survive meticulous analysis.

What are the top reasons for DNA testing?

DNA Testing

In addition to many other crime scene scenarios, the science of forensic DNA testing has been shown to be crucial in the investigation of violent crimes such as murder, sexual assault, and other homicides. The top reasons for DNA testing also include:

  1. Paternity: You can obtain unmistakable evidence of parentage.
  1. Infidelity: You can determine if your partner has been faithful by having their DNA tested. These tests can be performed for both mental clarity and admissible circumstances in court.
  1. Immigration: Families that were split apart at the borders can reunite through DNA testing.
  1. Forensic: The majority of DNA testing is still performed for forensic reasons. The most frequent sample method is cheek swabs.
  1. Environmental: Numerous DNA testing facilities provide environmental services to inform you of the characteristics of the local land.

How can they help you?

Lap Testing

Their team’s unwavering commitment to accuracy, collaboration, and delivering outcomes for their clients is evident from their longstanding reputation for excellence in the field. A montage showcasing many of their services may be found below.

They pay attention, get to know you, and then tailor solutions to assist you in doing the job more effectively. They share your commitment to promoting victim advocacy and justice.

What three things does Sorenson Forensics guarantee?

  1. Quality:

At Sorenson Forensics, quality is prioritized over all other considerations. Its objective to prioritize quality above quantity is integrated into the ambition for a quality-first culture.

  1. Transparency:

This is crucial to their organization and their top priority. Their leaders are dedicated to keeping lines of communication open and supporting the trust that customers have in their company.

  1. Accountability:

It is a statement of personal commitment to perform exceptionally precisely and provide trustworthy results, both to themselves and to the people they serve.

How are these tests carried out?

Lab Report

The majority of tests are performed in laboratories, but some can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

The method used to conduct these tests relies on the number of samples that must be gathered and the nature of the tests being conducted.

They deliver incredibly precise results that are used as a standard, making them an easy choice for any legal case.

How does the outcome help?

Sorenson Forensics guarantee

The results are always reliable and genuine because of their incredibly successful historical performance.

Through its quality guarantee, the lab guarantees that its DNA services will always be trustworthy as well as professional.

Their accredited DNA experts work together with prosecutors, defense lawyers, crime laboratories, and law enforcement to ensure that the victims receive justice.

Can you trust their results?

Lab Result

Knowing that they have partnerships with some of the greatest law enforcement agencies across the country is necessary to comprehend how accurate they are. They also have the best track record of providing aid in a variety of scientific investigations.

Their commitment has made them well-known for consistently delivering precise outcomes quickly. They offer a huge selection of reliable testing.


For important forensic and DNA tests, Sorenson Forensics Criminal Paternity Test is the top forensic lab. They offer aid of an unmatched kind. They deliver accurate results and are regarded as industry leaders.

This presents the findings from many agencies, enabling them to respond quickly and confidently. This might be the cause of this lab’s reputation as the best. It is getting attention all across the world, but especially in America. The outcomes assist in bringing about justice for both victims and suspects, regardless of the crime.


In what location is the lab?

In Draper, Utah, in the United States of America, they have relocated all of its operations into a freshly built, specially designed facility.

How many people work there?

The lab currently has between 50 and 200 employees working in its various sections.

How do you get a hold of the lab?

Their official website can be used to get in touch with them. To contact them for a free consultation, download the form and complete it.

How reliable are these outcomes?

Most test results are 99.9% accurate, making them perfect for use by various law enforcement agencies in bringing victims justice.

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