Top 11 of the best original garden furniture

Are you looking to stand out and create an extraordinary exterior? No doubt, the original garden furniture is made for you! Bold colors, inventive format, extraordinary design or advanced features, these garden furniture reinvent the world of outdoor furniture in their own way. Ready to take the plunge but you don’t know which model to choose? Here we deliver our top 11 of the best original garden furniture.

Vancouver salon: the picnic spirit revisited

Reminiscent of traditional picnic tables, the Vancouver table here brings a more modern spirit to outdoor meals. Its originality lies in its clever design, in a single block, where the benches join the top thanks to a geometric construction in anthracite aluminum.

The wood effect of the top is an imitation, superbly made in HPL. This for a more authentic look, evoking childhood memories of country picnics.

Tokyo salon: configurable at will

The strength of the Tokyo garden furniture is its modularity. Configurable, it can be arranged according to your wishes and the configuration of the terrace. Its various elements are independent, being able to be assembled or dissociated with the leisure. 

Are you tired of your furniture and want a little change? And presto…just swap the daybeds to create the composition you want: a corner lounge, two sofas facing each other or a garden bed. Even the table turns over, serving as a coffee table in a horizontal position or as a side table in a vertical position.

Apolline salon: a touch of fantasy

The Apolline garden furniture seduces with its original and colorful design. It is a low garden room that goes off the beaten track by admiring round curves and an astonishing aluminum structure. The round rods that make up the frame of the sofa, armchairs and table create a beautiful graphic effect, inspired by bistro furniture.

But what pleases above all is its raspberry red color. A vibrant shade that brightens up a garden decoration, and stands out in an outdoor space. The raspberry color comes here to successfully match the neutral tones of the light gray cushions.

Noumea lounge: roundness and modularity

Here is a garden furniture that imposes! Beneath its imposing and bulky appearance (8 seats!), the Noumea model nevertheless proves to be very practical and less cumbersome than you might think. With more than one trick up its sleeve, it makes appreciate its storage compartments discreetly located in the armrests (raisable trays).

Even better, it can be modulated according to your needs. The modules that compose it move independently of each other. They can be gathered in the center to form a compact unit that will take up less space on the lawn or patio.

We also like its round shapes, less rigid than standard lounges, inviting relaxation and sharing.

Tanzania Lounge: the Mediterranean in your garden

Invite idleness and sunshine into your outdoors with the Tanzania model. Originally elegant garden furniture, thanks to its thick and wide braided resin straps which make up the frame, as well as its light and bright colours.

Installed near the swimming pool or on the terrace, it generates this warm and chic atmosphere at the same time. An invitation to travel for this furniture that reminds us of Greece and the Mediterranean style.

New York lounge: everything for comfort

This beautiful garden furniture with its sober and distinguished look is more surprising than it looks. Go for collections now at Homary! Studied for its functionality, it is appreciated for moments of conviviality with the guests but also for moments of rest.

The two meridians that make up the sofa benefit from a seat that can be lifted on several notches. Thus, we can easily lie down comfortably on it, to read a book, take a nap or sunbathe on a sunny afternoon.

Agadir lounge: swivel armchairs

Cute as anything with its two-tone woven resin, its conical legs and its two round tables, this low lounge becomes the place of comfort in the garden during the spring and summer seasons. Its singularity, however, is due to something else entirely: its rotating armchairs. Each armchair benefits from a swivel seat, which turns for more comfort. Quietly seated in your chair, you can easily change orientation without having to get up and move the chair.

Oceane Lunch lounge: versatile and built-in

The Oceane Lunch lounge is a piece of furniture that is not really like the others. Versatile, it serves both as a low lounge and as a dining area thanks to its practical format and its benches padded with cushions which make outdoor aperitifs and lunches more cosy.

It is also a functional piece of furniture that reflects on the optimization of square meters. Its four poufs slide under the benches, which in turn slide under the table. A built-in lounge therefore, which takes up a minimum of space when stored!

Delhi bar: an exotic style for idleness

There’s nothing like this garden bar to prepare and sip cocktails with your friends by the pool or directly on the lawn, in the middle of the garden. Made of teak wood, it is a piece of furniture full of charm and authenticity, which shines with its resolutely exotic look. An air from the end of the world blows on your terrace.

It also accommodates a few storage shelves to store glasses, drinks and utensils. Accompanied by two teak high chairs, it forms a complete and ready-to-use bar!

Baza garden bed: luxury and absolute relaxation

Inimitable style and high-end quality come together in the Baza pool bed. Created by the Belgian design studio Segers, and marketed by the famous Czech brand Todus, the Baza range makes the garden chic, comfortable and welcoming.

Like this modular and original furniture. Acting both as a double sunbathing area and as a garden furniture set, it invites itself into the garden in several ways. It is made up of two elements that are positioned side by side or further apart.

Bart lounge: minimalist and chic

The Bart garden furniture puts minimalism at the service of outdoor layout. Luxurious with its light design, quality materials and shades of grey, it imposes its class. It is efficient with its low structure that seems flush with the ground and its clean lines.

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