Ways to Make Your Plain Shirt Look Stylish

Just as people say, “fashion is a statement” It will make you look good and can express and show people your personality and creativity. Being able to dress up daily, whether only going to work or attending an extravagant event, is not wrong to spice up your look. Even a simple plain shirt can show and express your creativity as an individual; there are various ways to complement and style your plain-looking shirt. 

Especially for ladies, you can do a lot of ways to convert your plain-looking shirt into a fashion statement. You can add a little glam to make it unique and stylish or be extravagant to look complicated and dazzling. You don’t need to wear any branded or complicated designed tee to show your fashion statement. 

A typical plain tee can do its job even though what color maybe it can transform it into something unique and fancy. You just need simple tricks to apply your shirt to get that sparkle. You can read this article to learn more about transforming your plain-looking shirt into a stylish one.  

Statement Necklace

Wearing an attractive dazzling necklace can get attention from people. From your shirt being plain, the statement necklace can match and compliment your shirt and add a little flair. The statement necklace can give life to the shirt, make it unique and make you stand out. 

Bold Color Scarf

Wearing a scarf can change your outfit completely, turning it three hundred sixty degrees.  A scarf, indeed. Tie it around your neck or simply drape it over your shoulders. It will undoubtedly bring beauty to your plain, uninteresting shirt, no matter how you wear it.

Not only will it keep you warm when it’s chilly outside, but a brightly colored and tastefully patterned scarf will look excellent with a basic shirt. When the temperature is hot, you may wear a scarf if the material is light and enables air to move through.

Wrist Accessories

Wearing a plain shirt may look simple or boring, which is why you can wear a watch or bracelet to make your attire unique and stylish. Draw attention to your arms rather than your shirt’s plainness. Wear a good watch and showy bracelets. Wearing them will create the idea that you have time to put on your arm accessories as well.

Blazer or Cardigan

Pairing a basic shirt with a jacket or cardigan will provide coverage and make the outfit appear more put together. It can give you a more polished, preppy appearance and gives your simple shirt more depth. A patterned cardigan will seem less professional compared to a plain solid cardigan. Whatever you decide to wear, cardigans and blazers are essential for dressing up a plain shirt.

Bright Lipstick

Pairing your shirt with bright lipstick can gain people’s attention. Applying lipstick can help perk up and lighten any plain outfit. Make sure that the color of your shirt does not clash with the color of your lips. For reference, you can apply brown or red lipstick paired with a black shirt. Or maybe dark colorful lipstick can match your plain white shirt. With these combinations, it can gather attention from other people with your trendy look. 

Statement Earrings

Just like statement necklaces, wearing earrings can transform your simple look into a stylish look. Wearing statement earrings can enhance your outfit and make it extraordinary and dazzling. Make sure that when you choose what to wear for your statement earrings, you should select what’s best that can pair up with your shirt’s color and style. 

Key Takeaway

Wearing beautiful clothes to make a statement or being creative, or simply wearing a simple plain shirt. What counts most is how confident you feel wearing it, regardless of how you decide to glam up your simple shirt. Even if you decide to wear a plain shirt without using any of my suggested tactics, your self-assurance and will to succeed will still shine through. Others may question your dress decision if it looks like you are doubting it yourself. So, believe. After all, no one cares what you’re wearing today or tomorrow.

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