Webinar Platforms : How To Pick The Best Platform In 2023

Webinars are one of the most popular forms of product promotion and marketing campaigns. With the rising demand for webinar sessions, you might get confused about which online webinar platform to go with. Additionally, the features they should include, the cost-effectiveness, and other factors also play an important role in making your event successful.

This blog contains all the relevant information that is necessary to make you understand their key functionalities and how to pick the right platform for your event. Furthermore, we’ll also list the top 5 webinar platforms for your reference.  

Webinar Services: Quick Introduction

Webinars are one of the most engaging ways to deal with an online audience. With the help of webinar sessions, interactions are possible in real-time. In addition to this, strong connections are made in a short interval that seems more authentic. Online webinar services are basically short video presentations that involve features such as live polling, real-time feedback, and others. 

Benefits Of Using Webinar Services 

Here are some of the salient benefits of using webinar services by event sponsors. Furthermore, it will help you better understand their concept – 

  • Ease of convenience for the audience –  webinars are the best way to establish remote connections and attend the meeting. These tools require only an active internet connection with a compatible device. Furthermore, their user interface is damn easy and simple to use.
  • Audience Engagement – during real-time interaction, engaging with the audience is the key parameter for the event to be successful. With lots of amazing features such as live polling, real-time feedback, post-event surveys, and others you can deal with your event attendees in a nice way.
  • Event Performance Measurement – it is very important to track the event performance. For working towards making the product or service better, one needs to work on the error part. With the help of virtual webinar platforms, you get a powerful analytics tool to measure your event’s success.
  • Monetizing Option – with hosting events on online event platforms, you get lots of quality leads and a valuable sales funnel from the productive session. In addition to this, it is very essential to monetize your video and earn revenue from them. Some other ways to earn money are by the use of social media and other third-party integrations.

Tips For Effectively Selecting the Best Webinar Platform 

  • Your purpose for the platform should be pre-decided. You have to go through a lot of research work to determine the possible outcomes of the event.
  • Budget is another factor that should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, it’ll also decide the features you want to include in your next event.
  • Coming to the selection of the features part, you have to decide which kind of features will suit the audience’s requirements. Then go for choosing the best webinar platform in that category.
  • Cost-effectiveness, brand credibility, feature-rich online webinar platform is what you need at the end of the day. Below are some of the must-have features in the webinar platform which surely narrow down the choice.

Must-Have Features In The Online Webinar Platform 

Ease Of Convenience 

Webinars are very easy to use and operate from any remote location. All you need for the session is an active internet connection and a compatible device. Additionally, in webinars, most of the session can be hosted without downloading any additional software.

Third-Party Integration 

Although collaboration tools formerly appeared to be extras, they are now necessary.  Therefore, you ought to offer a simulation that is as close to a real one as you can. In addition to this, you can easily monetize your event with integration with payment gateways like Paytm, Paypal, and others.

Powerful Analytics Tool 

The finest webinar software doesn’t need to provide you with a lot of complicated information. However, it’s useful if the program includes some capabilities that let you see some of the webinars’ results. You can use this information to plan meetings that are more productive and expand your company.

Data Privacy And Security 

Also true of webinar software: safety first. Your webinar shouldn’t be accessible to anyone without your consent. The provider’s first priority is to ensure safety. Look into the security and protection measures used during meetings. Does the program, for instance, offer features like single sign-on and double encryption? Seek assurance that you can host your webinars in a secure setting.

Popular Webinar Platforms: Top Picks Of 2023 

Here is a list of some of the popular webinar platforms that will help you select the perfect fit for you.


  • A self-managed online event platform called Mixhubb operates on a subscription model. In terms of plans, there are three options available to users. Additionally, users have the option of a free trial.
  • Enterprise, Mixhubb’s top-tier plan, is a fully customized plan that is curated in accordance with your needs. It has some of the most cutting-edge features, which aid in the delivery of an exclusive event by the organizers. 


  • This type of Online Webinar Platform is suitable for marketing and selling purposes. With its calls to action feature, viewers are able to buy the product during the live presentation.
  • very user-friendly and efficient interface. In fact, after logging into the platform, you can quickly set up your webinar. The most recent technologies are optimized to improve audience interaction, and it supports nearly all web browsers. 


  • A well-known all-in-one event platform, Hopin can easily accommodate up to 100,000 visitors. It focuses on forging unique connections between those taking part in the live session. 
  • It also has a feature for lead retrieval and allows you to run surveys to gather important feedback and data. This platform is well-known for holding online video conferences and virtual meetings.

Summing Up 

Webinar platforms are the backbone of the event industry in the current scenario. With the rising number of online webinar platforms, it has become a lot more complicated to select the best one. Only with the right marketing strategy and the selection of the perfect target audience, you make the most of your business.

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