What does Cusack mean?

If you are selling physical goods online, you are probably familiar with the Amazon Seller Central platform. But what you may not know is that this is one of the worst ways to sell on Amazon. For one thing, this platform only gives you limited access to Amazon’s marketplace. When you sell on Amazon, you must use the platform. This limits your potential revenue, which is a real issue for a small business.

A second problem is that when you sell on, you lose control over your product. Amazon handles all inventory handling, customer service, shipping and Cusacn returns, inventory management, pricing, customer reviews and more.

In the end, you are only allowed to control how your products are listed, and you have no say in pricing. You don’t even get to see the final price on the listing pages. It is possible for a buyer to change the final price that shows on the listing, and this can result in a very bad situation for you.

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It’s really hard to find a way around this system. You can only list physical products, and you can only list specific products. There is no way to create a bulk listing. You can’t add multiple listings at once. This makes it very hard to get started as a seller.

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