What type of custody is best for a child?

When parents divorce, they often end up with joint custody of their children. The decision about which parent will have primary custody is usually left to the judge. This means that both parents share equal time with the child, although they may disagree over how much time they spend with the child. However, parents often try to fight over custody so that they will have more time with their children.

There are four different types of joint custody, but according to Emery, PhD and child psychologist at the University of Virginia, “joint physical custody,” where one parent has the right to decide when the child visits that parent, is the best and worst arrangement.

It sounds like the “worst” arrangement for the child, Child custody but this type of custody is best when the parents are willing to negotiate. In a sole custody arrangement, the other parent only sees the child when it suits him or her. This might mean once every two weeks, once every month, or once per week.

In a joint custody arrangement, both parents share equal time with the child. They have alternating weekend visitation or joint custody. The other parent has rights to make decisions about the child’s healthcare, education, extracurricular activities, and social relationships.

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